Week 12: Pineapple Grilled Beef Ribs

Rule of thumb, do not attempt to cook dinner at 9pm when you are starving, especially when it is something you’ve never made before. You will ask “are they done yet” at least 100 times and consuming raw meat is definitely a possibility.

This week, I decided to step really far out of my comfort zone, and picked Chrissy Teigen’s Pineapple-Grilled short ribs… except since I am not a big pork eater, I switched to beef ribs. Note to future self, not all ribs are the same, and they will have different cook times.

Aside from switching the meat, I followed the recipe as Chrissy laid out. I made the marinade the night before, and let these babies soak for almost 24 hours. She recommended a bowl, but I put mine in a gallon sized Ziploc bag since I didn’t have a bowl big enough.


And after 24 hours, they look pretty much the same, just with lots of fresh ginger and onion chunks on them!


Then, placing the ribs in a hot cast iron skillet, they cooked up real fast, at least that’s how they appeared on the outside. I let them sit for about 5-10 minutes on each side, then added some of the marinade it was sitting in over night to caramelize on top.


At the end, they looked fully cooked on the outside, but cutting in, some pieces were cooked perfectly and some needed at least another 10 minutes on the skillet. After throwing them back on the skillet ensuring they were fully cooked and “falling off the bone” they were perfect, and well worth eating dinner at 10 pm!


I served these with some quinoa and broccoli. The flavors mixed together perfectly and I was stuffed after. For lunch the next day I cut up the meat (because eating ribs is not really the best office lunch), and ate it with some quinoa and snap peas.

Next time I will make sure my meat is thoroughly cooked the first time, and may start cooking at 6 pm instead of 9!


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