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Week 29: Scallops with a Corn Salad and Parmesan Risotto

Last weeks attempt at making fried chicken, and succeeding at it, influenced me to attempt another daunting dish. SCALLOPS. I have read numerous times that is it so easy to overcook scallops and they can turn rubbery. Truthfully, overcooking might as well be my middle name. But, putting all fears aside and still living off… Continue reading Week 29: Scallops with a Corn Salad and Parmesan Risotto

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Week 28: Fried Chicken Sandwhich

One of my most favorite foods is fried chicken. I have the biggest fear of butchering one of my favorite meals, but I figured it was time to attempt this difficult dish. I fried chicken wings in week 3 but there is a difference between crispy wings and that extra crispy restaurant quality chicken. Shockingly, I… Continue reading Week 28: Fried Chicken Sandwhich

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Week 12: Pineapple Grilled Beef Ribs

Rule of thumb, do not attempt to cook dinner at 9pm when you are starving, especially when it is something you've never made before. You will ask "are they done yet" at least 100 times and consuming raw meat is definitely a possibility. This week, I decided to step really far out of my comfort… Continue reading Week 12: Pineapple Grilled Beef Ribs