Cooking Journey

I started this blog because of my 2018 new years resolution. I wanted to cook one home cooked meal each week. While this may seem easy to do, I knew that with my personal and professional travels it was easy to let a week slip, and then another and next thing you know 6 months have gone by and I haven’t cooked a meal. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but I did want to follow through with this resolution.

Every week I picked a recipe to follow and I used my boyfriend fiancé as a guinea pig. The goal of this resolution, and this blog was to teach myself how to cook. Therefore, I experimented with sauces, various meats and different ethnic cuisines. With each meal complete, I blogged about the dish!

I covered everything from if the meal was easy to make, how long it took to complete the dish, and if it was good the next day. If you hate reading, then I provide ample photos to show all the steps! Ultimately, I discovered what worked, what didn’t and I threw in some recipe suggestions along the way.

After my 52 week resolution concluded, I didn’t stop cooking! This blog is now a way for me to remember where I started and how far I’ve come. Plus, I use it constantly to remember some of those good dishes so I can make them again!

I will continue to cook and continue to blog, so come join me, monthly in Rocks Kitchen!